Graphic Design & Layout

Emily and the Blackouts - Brush, ink & Copic marker band logo

Dog Run recording studio, Riverside, CA; Prismacolor pen and colored pencil

Motor Dolls novel cover; 2014 Book Goodies Judges' Choice winner. 20x30 painting.

Motor Dolls: A work in progress.

Official Motörhead website - Motörhead 'Shrines' webmaster & graphics; 2000-2003

Mike Sanchez - You Better Dig It - CD Digipak - Doopin Music UK - 2008

Mike Sanchez and the beat from Palookaville - Babes & Buicks - CD Digipak - Doopin Music UK - 2010

Link Wray flyer for Black Cat Entertainment - 2005

Nikki Hill tour flyers - 2012

Tommy Dukes - Arizona Blues Hall of Fame - promo image, 2006

Winslow, AZ Historical Society calendar - 2007

Wildcat Tattoo - Winslow, AZ - Sign and business cards - 2007

Marco Patino Photography - Business card & website banners - 2013

Cal-Noir of Hollywood clothing - branding and website - 2005-2009

Andrew Thomas art show handbill - 2014

Promo image for SparkleLux jewelry design

Teaser ad for SparkleLux jewelry and retailer Pinup Girl Clothing, inspired by Maurice Binder and Saul Bass

SparkleLux ad copy

Route 66 Soda Fountain - Branding, placemats and prints (hand painted) - 2012 

Tayva has worked as a graphic designer since 1994, specializing in both hand-illustrated and digital design. She spent five years (1996-2001) as a photo editor and graphic designer for Western Newspapers, Inc., creating ad copy and newspaper layout. She has freelanced since 1994, specializing in flyers, web design, branding, album covers and posters.

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