PHOTOGRAPHY:  It was never really a hobby, it became a job immediately. I began my photography career as a teenager as photo editor of a newspaper. At that time, I was also freelancing for various skateboarding publications, both big and small. Today, I handle all of the product imagery for Dream Studio Guitars and Pinup in a Pack, as well as various assignments featuring midcentury decor and interior design, fashion photography for my own personal projects as well as for fashion companies, racing and automotive photography, live music events, band portraits, etc. I am available for work throughout Southern California (Riverside-based) for assorted photographic assignments, events and music video production.

GRAPHIC DESIGN: I have worked as a graphic designer since 1994, specializing in both hand-illustrated and digital design. I spent five years (1996-2001) as a photo editor and graphic designer for Western Newspapers, Inc., creating ad copy and newspaper layout. I have freelanced since I started out in 1994, specializing in handbills, web design, branding, ad copy, album covers and posters.


ON A PERSONAL LEVEL: I enjoy adventures in the desert, seeking out vintage architecture (and photographing it) world travel, reading medical texts and studies, collecting records and vintage hi-fi equipment, watching baseball, motorsports, Space Ghost, reruns of Columbo, playing guitar, packing my home full of midcentury furniture, drawing, stand-up comedy, monsters and horror, eating potatoes, spending time with my boyfriend Eddie and my children, and taking in live music.

In the seat of a top alcohol funny car

On set, adjusting lighting

Photo shootin'.

With model Angela Ryan

With my Spa Hotel print

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